Sunday, April 19, 2015

Jesus Cares for You!

For many years I have been chasing the American dream and fell into the trap of consumerism. Thinking that I was helping you, I urged you to do the same through my blog posts. Let's be real. Who needs more stuff to clutter their homes and lives, when we have plenty already. I reasoned what I did with thoughts like I can help other people with my abundance, it's good to have extra, spending wisely, etc. But these things took my attention from the truly important things.

 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? Mark 8:36

Things are not lost, and we are not left without hope. Although times are hard, we have somebody WHO really cares for us and is calling us gently and sweetly to a better life, that goes beyond the one we already know. Eternal life we all hope for it is possible through Jesus. The only ONE who truly cares for you and me has laid His life so we can live. He died on the cross for our anguishes, iniquities, sufferings, and shortcomings. But He rose from the grave, He is alive, His grave is empty. Who else did such an honorable act for you? We stand the need of grace. Please, don't walk away from HIM.
Jesus saith: I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. John 14:6

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Scarlet Detangler and Black Satin Paddle Brush Review


I am very thrilled to present to you these two brushes from Hair Symphony. They are absolutely fantastic. I cut my hair in layers and it is longer in the back. I struggled with tangled hair and brushing became a hard chore. Also my two year old doesn't want her hair brushed, but for some reason she liked being brushed with the scarlet detangler. 

I used the scarlet detengler first and I was surprised that it did such a fine job to a very entangled hair with little to no pain. After that it was quite an easy task to brush my hair with paddle brush. The Hair Symphony brushes are light weight and such a great addition to anyone's hair beauty routine. 

They come as a set in the black pouch and are available for purchase on Amazon HERE

I received these brushes to review in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ultra Flex Knee Brace & Ankle Support Review

I received the Ultra Flex Knee Brace and Ankle Support for free to review. I really like how firm it holds my knee, the fabric is soft around the knee with a padded cushion for better support. What I disliked the first thing I opened the package was a strong odor that made me keep the product outside for a while. I went ahead and washed it with a gentle detergent, but the smell is still there, not as strong, but still uncomfortable.

You might not be bother, since it is more like a rubber smell that many fitness equipment have, but I am more sensitive to smells so it will be hard to use it.

Getting over the smell this knee and ankle supports are good for sport players as well as those who go to the gym, lift weights, or recover from knee surgeries, or need knee pain relieve.

The Ultra Flex Knee Brace & Ankle Support features:
» silicone strips that will warm up your muscles and prevent slipping
» enforced trim that guarantees integrity at high tension and a long life span
» 80% of neoprene that waterproofs the brace, firmly compresses your knee and covers splints.
» adjustable sizes to provide the best possible grip.
» open patella design will reduce the pressure on the knee without compromising the compression supplied to the muscle area.

You can find them on Amazon HERE

Monday, March 23, 2015

BakeitFun Silicone Baking Mat Review

I resolve to simplify life, and one thing that has helped is using and reusing the things I have. I made a little makeover in my kitchen, and changed the color of most of my tools and gadgets with green. It made a big difference in my cooking mood.

 I received the BakeitFun mat to review, and I was glad I did. I now can save time and money replacing the parchment sheets with this silicone baking mat. It is said it will last up to 10 years, and resists the temperatures from -40'F to 450'F. It is fiberglass mesh covered by premium food grade silicone which provides a good heat distribution. It can go from freezer to over with no problem.

It is safe and non-toxic, German food grade, BPA free and FDA safe.

I baked homemade organic chocolate chip cookies, and I was very delighted by the results using this mat. It didn't make a big mess, the cookies came out right away, didn't stick to the mat, and turned out delicious. I was able to clean it fast with warm water and dish soap and let it air dry.

You can purchase it on Amazon HERE

I received the BakeitFun silicone mat for free in exchange for my honest review.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

MOtucho Silicone Oven Gloves and Cup Cover Review

These gloves are fantastic. I spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so a good pair of gloves is a must. Prior to the silicone gloves I had the traditional cloth gloves. They worked great of course, but the stains and smudge on them would not come off, so I decided to switch to silicone gloves. This particular pair is really nice. It has heart prints, they are quite light and very easy to use. This color is gorgeous and it blends well with other colorful kitchen tools and gadgets I have. It also pair comes with a silicone cup cover, which is nice.

You might think it's cray how I tried them, but hey if one thing works than the word should spread out. So I had this whole frozen trout fish I got from Sam's Club, and I had to chop off the heads. This fish was huge. fins were very big, sharp and looked plain dangerous if I were to pock my hands using just regular gloves. I might admit that the process was not easy, the gloves are not designed for fish chopping, but I was really excited to see that they passed the test of sharp pointers resistance.

Next, I cooked for dinner homemade cabbage rolls, and I had them in the oven in a Rachel Ray big oval pot. I used the gloves to take them out, and touched the grill inside for a little while to see if I really can feel the heat. You can feel some heat if you keep your hands on the oven's grill for a while like I did, but they didn't change color or texture in the contact with the hot grill, so that is a plus.

I am glad I said good-bye to my old gloves, the change was worth it!

They are priced very affordable, and can be purchased from AMAZON HERE.

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

KUKPO Can Opener Review


I don't know what your thoughts are on this, but a good can opener in the kitchen is essential. I used to have a good name brand can opener, but the cutting disc became dull and just wouldn't do the job. So I gave a try to the Kukpo Can opener. 

I was really surprised to see how easy and quick was to open cans using the Kupko Can opener. Unlike my old can opener, the Kupko has two disks, and it looks more durable and somewhat sophisticated. It is a little bigger than my old one, but it works great, so this is not an issue.

 All you have to do is to place the cutting disk on the tin and turn the movable handle. Then the top of the tin would come off in seconds. Once used, you could easily clean the can opener with water and mild detergents, if necessary.

The Kukpo can opener is designed to aid people who suffer from athritis or the eldery, but anyone can benefit from using it. I like to add it to my good collection of handy kitchen tools. 

You can purchase the Kukpo can opener on Amazon Here.

I received the Kukpo can opener for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

La Pedi-Bon Foot Callus Remover- Review

I received La Pedi-Bon foot callus remover to review. The package comes with the device, an extra roller, and a small brush.

 Prior to using this device, I soaked my feet in warm water and Epsom salt for a few minutes. I dried them and after I inserted 2 AA batteries I gave it a try. I've learned that gentle pressure really is all that I need to do in order to remove the dead cells and callus on my heels. It all accumulated like small particles of dust on the device, and without feeling anything other than a soft tingle the skin was cleared. I don't have bad accumulation of callus, or dry heels, so for a normal 'wear and tear' heel this works great.

Just make sure you use a cloth/towel under your feet as you the callus remover so the extra unwanted dead skin won't get over your carpet. Some will collect under the roller, some on the side of it, and the rest on the area you use it. The brush that comes with it will make it easier to clean.

After use, apply a lotion to your heels, this way you will have a smooth finish.

I received the product in exchange for my honest review.

You can buy the La Pedi-Bon Foot Callus Remover on Amazon Here

3 Teether Toys Plus 1 Pacifier/Teether Holder/Clip- Review offers baby products that are BPA free, FDA approved, made of food grade silicone with no harmful chemicals. As you want your baby to develop and grow beautifully, the pretty toys that surround her are not always safe. For this reason I try to bring in the home better alternatives. 

I was happy to know that these teething toys not only they are safe, but they are very fun to play with. A red train, a blue car, and a turquoise elephant come as a set, with the teether holder clip. My toddler would not let my baby play with them as she started to like them for herself already. The toys are solid, but pliable. The colors are very pretty and can be used by boys and girls. The colors are more vivid and more vibrant than the picture shows. They are easy to grasp and gives a good activity to infants. My baby was less fussy during tummy time as she was excited and distracted by the toys. They are a good tool for helping the babies practice reaching out. My baby seemed very determined to grab the toys the moment I put them in front of her. 

I like the clip that snaps on the baby's clothes. It keeps the toys in her reach, and it helps her comfort herself. It is very easy to clip it. But you do need to know how to do it as it doesn't have an instruction on how to, and you might break it if you apply too much force. It has a little plastic end that you pull and press down and this way it opens. When you secure it in place just snap the bottom part together and that's it.

You can buy them on Amazon HERE.

I received the teether toys for free in exchange for an honest review.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

System Knife sharpener Review + Giveaway

System Sharpener is a very practical and useful tool in your home. You will be surprised by how  light-weight and compact it is. Doesn't take much space on your counter. It secures in place with a suction pad. I tried mine on the counter and on the stove and it stayed secure on both places.

 It has two stages of sharpening. Fine stage and coarse stage. The coarse stage is for blunt knives and the fine stage to eliminate burns and to polish it. 

How to use: Place a knife in the sharpening slot. Using slight downward pressure, run the blade from its heel to its point through the slot. Repeat three to five times.

The knives are to be sharpened every six months, but in order to keep your blade sharp use the fine stage once a week.

The system knife sharpener is easy to clean. Just use a wet cloth and dry it. You can use a brush for the ceramic and the metal stones.

I used it to sharpen different blades, and it did a great job on all of them. I like the color as well. It matches my colorful knifes and brings a spark of color to my kitchen.

It is sold at a very reasonable price on Amazon HERE-Knife Sharpener SYSTEM

I received this product at a discounted price to review it.

For a chance to receive this item for free comment and share the Facebook post. Open to US Residents Only. Giveaway runs for 24 hours.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit

 Some of you wanted to know about the Young Living enrollment. I am excited to share with you about the amazing oils that come in the Premium Starter Kit.

As a BONUS for the month of February the first three people to enroll will get from the Chemical Free Family- Essential Oil Remedies the items pictures below. (US Residents Only)
Take a look at how the Young Living Enrollment looks like.
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